Writing activities for group therapy

Group Journey Facilitator plays relaxing music, such as Native American flute or harp music. Is there anyone in your life that you would like to forgive? How do your peers in group therapy act as a support system for you? Share a childhood memory. Protect Your Treasures On a blank piece of paper, draw a treasure box that is filled with aspects of your being that are precious, including your Love, your Beauty, your Beliefs, your Dignity or Pride, and your Sexuality.

If there is time, members can try also limit movements to the legs and feet or to the face. Why did the girl become so obsessed with the red shoes?

Add to your image three natural remedies you will use to heal yourself; i. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 56, — The practice of setting small goals will help the group members set and achieve goals for themselves when the group is over. Violence Discuss quote from Elie Wiesel: What can you do to keep your anger under control?

Draw arrows from the other person to yourself and write words above each arrow to indicate the disagreeable actions of the other person. Depict words or objects in each room to care for each of the feelings, such as a tissue box in the room for Sadness, a punching bag in the room for Anger, or a cross in the room for Fear.

Greatly Amusing Group Therapy Activities for Adults

What can you do in the future? As a facilitator, decide if you will require the hero to win or not. Imagine implementing this same lesson but using activities such as shooting a basketball in a net, playing with a remote control car, doing an activity on the computer, etc.

Have the group nominate one person to write and one person to present. The facilitator can allow five minutes for each labyrinth. Death Studies, 24, — Client plays herself in the scene. Draw, color, or paint a mandala that includes both happy and sad things in life, intertwined with each other, in a balanced and colorful harmony; i.

Add images, words, and colors around the picture of yourself to describe what goals and values you will pursue once you are healed from the negative impacts of this relationship.

The facilitator encourages everyone to slowly come "back into the room," wiggle fingers and toes, and slowly open their eyes. Participants can also choose feelings to add to the list. Each person can also rate their partner as a leader and as a follower on a score of one to ten.

It is an interesting activity, as participants explore their talents of acting and socializing. Thanks for visiting educationandbehavior.

Group Therapy Games

Get Lost Walk and keep walking until you are lost. Make a list of the worst moments of your life. Good and Bad Mandalas Discussion: Poetry Grid Each person in the group comes up with five to ten words that everyone writes down on a blank piece of paper.

Drive and keep driving until you are lost. Imagery and symbols are a language that can help us to explore feelings in a different way. Psychosomatic Medicine, 65, — Draw a line connecting each of the people to the picture of you. Each participant chooses a picture and writes the following: Play the role of someone who has been affected by your substance use ex.

Why did you choose those particular events to include in your timeline? Go through this exercise with other experiences as well, for example times of hopelessness, temptation, anger, etc.

What actions can you take to stop bullying if you see it?Site provides information to parents on activities they can do at home with their child to develop fine motor and other skills needed for school readiness. Group Therapy Activities Fun group therapy activities allow patients to forget about their own problems.

Apart from this, such activities also give them a chance to interact with other people, and realize that they are not the only ones with problems.

Feeling Code Collage (learned from my art therapy supervisor, Susan LaMantia) Take one sheet of paper and draw and color an image to represent various feelings, such as happy, sad, mad, scared, embarrassment, love, peace, crazy, bored, etc.

Label each image with the feeling. Participants can also choose feelings to add to the list. Looking for activities to do with your social skills group or counseling group? Here are five great ideas to make your next sessions fun and meaningful! Jul 16,  · One activity that seem to be very popular with my former substance abuse group was an activity aimed at learning to have fun without using, and at the same time practice good communication!

Separating into two groups, each team was provided, at most, 10 small white wash clothes. What is art therapy? What are the benefits and what are some ideas and activities for children, teen and adults.

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Writing activities for group therapy
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