Sexual orientation as a protected class essay

According to this theory, all humans are born bisexual in a very broad sense of the term, that of incorporating general aspects of both sexes. Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms article 8, 14 Sexual orientation is not mentioned explicitly in any of the provisions of the Convention.

The religious liberty language used in ENDA, referencing Title VII, has been subject to repeated litigation with conflicting rulings by different courts as to which religious institutions are considered religious enough.

For the current status of hate-crime and human rights laws in all U. OSCE was created by the Helsinki Final Act which contained a provision to "respect … human rights and fundamental freedoms, including freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and belief", as well as "equal rights and self-determination of peoples".

To adequately protect religious liberty, ENDA must not be made law. Major criticisms of the SASO have not been established, but a concern is that the reliability and validity remains largely unexamined.

He spoke on his own behalf, and his views do not necessarily represent those of The Heritage Foundation or the Witherspoon Institute.

Sexual Orientation Protection

The European Parliament EP passed several non binding resolutions on human rights and sexual orientation, the first, adopted incalling for an end to work related discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The Sell Assessment of Sexual Orientation[ edit ] The Sell Assessment of Sexual Orientation SASO was developed to address the major concerns with the Kinsey Scale and Klein Sexual Orientation Grid and as such, measures sexual orientation on a continuum, considers various dimensions of sexual orientation, and considers homosexuality and heterosexuality separately.

Generally, there are three components of sexual orientation used in assessment. No single controlling cause has been identified, and research is continuing in this area.

Sexual orientation is therefore not a choice, though sexual behaviour clearly is. This principle was established by the Court of Justice in the case of P v S and Cornwall County Council, where it was held that the dismissal of an individual following gender reassignment was unlawful discrimination on the grounds of her sex.

Nothing comparable exists with respect to race. Individuals who are exclusively homosexual, both in regard to their overt experience and in regard to their psychic reactions. It does not, as has been settled for decades.

Males do not represent two discrete populations, heterosexual and homosexual. This effect is nullified if the man is left-handed. The Commission has reiterated these positions through recent amicus curiae briefs and litigation against private companies. The case law also includes an decision of the European Commission on Human Rights former first body for individual complaints that a higher age of consent for male homosexuals acts from that for heterosexual acts was discriminatory treatment contrary to Article 14 ECHR in respect of the enjoyment of the right to privacy Sutherland v UK.

It would have been quite simple for Kinsey to have measured the two dimensions separately and report scores independently to avoid loss of information.

If the Commission is not able to directly handle the charge, we will take all necessary action to transfer a case or provide other resources and support.

While it is unclear which religious organizations would be protected from ENDA, it is clear that the bill would not protect those who wish to run their businesses and other organizations in keeping with their moral or religious values.

What Are The Protected Classes Under Discrimination Laws?

Colombian law states that conjugal visits are a right for all its citizens, without regard to sexual orientation. Failing to hire an applicant because she is a transgender woman. Early classification schemes[ edit ] One of the earliest sexual orientation classification schemes was proposed in the s by Karl Heinrich Ulrichs in a series of pamphlets he published privately.

Thus, our sexual embodiment as male and female goes to the heart of what marriage is:Sexual orientation is an enduring emotional, romantic, sexual or affectional attraction to another person.

It can be distinguished from other aspects of sexuality including biological sex, gender identity (the psychological sense of being male or female) and the social gender role (adherence to.

Sexual Orientation as a Protected Class Essay Sample. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of has been arguably one of the most historic pieces of legislation to shape employment law in modern times. State legislatures, gays, lesbians, mainline and liberal religious groups, mental health practitioners, human sexuality researchers and others generally define "sexual orientation" in terms of the sex of the individual that an older teen or adult finds sexually, emotionally, and spiritually attractive.

Sexual Orientation Specific Examples Of Discrimination In each particular protected class under discrimination laws, people tend to face common forms of discrimination.

sexual orientation a protected class. Sponsored link. Achieving protected status, 1 law & 1 jurisdiction at a time: race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, military status, sex or marital status is hereby recognized as and declared to be a civil right." References used to prepare this essay.

DOJ files amicus brief that says Title VII does not protect sexual orientation

and transgender workers are universally protected from employment discrimina- against both sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in the workplace.

Sexual orientation as a protected class essay
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