Development of tourism in sri lanka tourism essay

Following graph indicates how touristry increased from to in Sri Lanka. According to a labour survey conducted by the Sri Lanka Census and Statistics Department inoverwere employed in the trade, 56 percent of whom were nformal employees. Secondly, it can play an important role in improving income distribution through creating employment opportunities since tourism is a labour-intensive industry with relatively limited human capital skills required by employees.

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Development Of Travel and leisure In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay

That is as a result of opportunity that we are receiving from the development or extension of travel and leisure industry. This creates many socio-economic jobs in rural every bit good as urban countries. Intourism generatedboth direct and indirect employment opportunities and Rs.

Serious civil perturbations get downing in July and the subsequent force severely affected touristry. No matter what natural disaster or civil war comes upon Sri Lanka, its beauty and purity have made its mark on the world. West Coast Resort Region: Protection of the environment and distribution of economic benefits to the larger transverse subdivision of the society are cardinal constituents of this overall vision.

We also have the largest density of Asian elephants in the wild, and Yala is said to have one of the highest density of leopards. Thirty years of separatist war by the entire world most ruthless terror outfit, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam LTTE possessed devastated especially the North and Eastern regions of our country.

To provide for this addition tourer hotels in Sri Lanka must be developed. Tourism Development Planning is the lone manner to work out many issues related to touristry in development.

However, whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that the hotel industry will always need a large number of staff, and thus becomes an industry, which can generate much needed employment opportunities in the country.

Tourism in Sri Lanka

The period can thus be considered as a relatively prosperous period in the early history of Sri Lanka. Applied Economics, 34 7 The zone has been divided into two main regions.

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Development of Tourism in Sri Lanka

The second region, extending from Galle to Tissamaharama, includes UnawatunaKoggalaWeligamaMirissaMataraTangalle and Hambantota areas as sub-points of the zone. Over the old ages touristry in Sri Lanka has developed significantly. The relative optimism in relation to the possibility of achievement of long term peace and the relatively peaceful short term environment gave rise to an increase in tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka during this period.

Retrieved from Griffith University website: Prices of the accommodation sector increased by 3. Hence, in the desire to create more unique tourism offerings, we are often guilty in seeking out pristine environments for developments.

Many single country case studies and cross-country studies provide empirical support to the tourism-led growth hypothesis.


Afterwe have seen strong year on year, double digit-growth in arrivals, which today stands at close upon 1. This region has five world heritage sites, namely AnuradhapuraDambullaKandyPolonnaruwa and Sigiriya.

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Sri Lanka Tourism

The tourist traffic in showed that there was a remarkable growth in number of tourists, witharrivals. The Board of Investment has introduced inducements in the signifier of revenue enhancement freedoms, duty-free imports and the relaxation of controls on foreign exchange retentions.Dec 26,  · Tourism In Sri Lanka Essays Here we've compiled a list matching the top essays in our database against " tourism in sri lanka essays ".

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From to the Tourism arrivals got doubled with the arrivals of reachingas at end of Government of Sri Lanka taking a head to improve the Tourism in Sri Lanka by investing large amount of money all over the Island. Sri Lanka besides with its alone geographical location, diverseness, quality human resources, peace and stableness has all the ingredients in topographic point to play a cardinal function in the regional development as a fast emerging market economic system in Asia (Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, ).

Tourism Industry of Sri Lanka Essay  1. SRI LANKA A appreciate the commitment of staff members of Sri Lanka tourism development authority, who have helped us to obtain information of past situations, present position and future estimation of tourism industry in Sri Lanka.

Tourism industry is under the Ministry of Tourism. Four sections of it are; Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (formed in by replacing Sri Lanka Tourist Board which was established in ), Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, Sri Lanka Institute of Hotel Management and Sri Lanka Convention Bureau.

Development Of Travel and leisure In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay 1. Sri Lanka is a stunning tropical paradise island in the Indian Ocean located near to India, creating a diversity of attractions which range from historical to archeological and natural.

Development of tourism in sri lanka tourism essay
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